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Well hey there, wonderful. I'm Alex (or Maxie). Deja vu is a phenomenon in which the two halves of your brain are briefly out of sync; so, something happens, one half processes it, and then the other one does. So, it feels like you've already seen it, because you have: but only halfway. You need both halves to fully comprehend what's going on, so, there's a lapse. My pronouns are ey/eir/em. A female bear is called a sow.



Hi! I'm an Ashkenazi Jew and my orthodox dad always told me that if I got a tattoo (or really any other body modification) , I couldn't be buried in a Jewish cemetary. Do you know if this is true?


Generally, no, that’s not true.  Some Orthodox burial societies will refuse burial to Jews who have voluntarily tattooed themselves.  But the large majority of Jewish cemeteries will not reject a tattooed body for burial.  This one has taken on the status of a Jewish urban legend over the past few decades, and while it might’ve been true once, it certainly isn’t true any longer.  If you’re really concerned and think immediate burial is in your future, talk to your rabbi and the governing body of your local Jewish cemetery or burial society, they’ll have the specifics.  But generally, you’re in the clear, ink or no ink.


to be honest i get confused when people talk about how great Orphan Black is in terms of representation

like… this is the show where ALL of the characters of color are some combination of marginal, dead, tragic, absent, abusive, or subservient to the white characters (post doesn’t include Alison’s friend Meera, played by Priya Rao). like i’ve said before, this show has truly made casting only white people for the significant roles into an art

but then i remember that for queer white fangirls, good representation never includes people of color. it’s all about white queerness, and we don’t just cast everyone else aside but actually stomp them down so that we can get higher up

you only have to look at how the most beloved character in the fandom seems to be Cosima the anti-black little shit. and her appropriation of a Black hairstyle is part of the REASON people like her (because “it’s so sexy and edgy and just looks so good on her” -___-)

Weirdest thing about being 18 is that suddenly people are allowed to be attracted to me
I don’t like it
stop that

Weirdest thing about being 18 is that suddenly people are allowed to be attracted to me

I don’t like it

stop that

Do you have any pointers on how to tell if a gifset of a disabled person doing fitness things is inspiration porn or not? I'm not sure how to tell if it's celebrating or objectifying the person.


  • Did the person being featured agree to have their photo/video taken? Or have their image be shared online in that manner? 
  • Does the post tell you anything about this person? Their name, career, personal history, fitness goals, etc? Do they talk about their experiences at all?
  • Or does the post focus solely on their body and/or their disability, reducing them down to an object or a trope? 
  • Is the post framed so that it’s purpose is to send a message to the audience, saying things like “What’s your excuse?” or “The only disability in life is a bad attitude”?
  • Is the person being featured interchangeable with any other disabled body? If you switched them out with someone else, would it affect the post’s message?
  • Are you walking away from the post thinking about the disability itself, or about the person’s accomplishments?

In the end, you just have to ask yourself if this person is being treated with respect: If their disability is being used as a tool to make you feel better and encourage you to exercise, then this is likely a form of inspiration porn. 

It’s perfectly fine to look up to a disabled person. But the problem comes when we’re simply ~amazed~ that someone like that could be active and inspiring. Disabled people are still people and deserve to be treated with respect, not like magical motivation fairies who exist just to make us feel better about our own lives. If you see a post about someone like Josh Sundquist and all you get out of it is “He’s am amputee with a six pack! Wow!!!!” then you’re erasing the best parts of him. That’s not the kind of fitspo that we should be supporting. 


mcgonagall pulling sirius into her office after every outburst in fifth year before he moves out & gets disowned and refusing to punish him but instead offering him biscuits and talking him about quidditch

mcgonagall intercepting howlers so that they never reach him

mcgonagall quietly replacing the books on queerness that keep disappearing from the library’s restricted section after remus has signed in

mcgonagall giving the care of magical creatures and defense against the dark arts professors A Stern Talking To when she hears they’ve been going on anti-werewolf bents in class

mcgonagall mothering students who need her



be your OWN problematic fave


It’s because white cis women are the only women allowed enough nuance of personality to afford not to perform femininity to the high degree that women of color or trans women have to in order to be respected. That’s why it’s cute and Feminist! if white cis girls have hairy legs while Mexican girls are made fun of for having lip hair


  • date the kind of people who will still respect you when you no longer love them
  • date the kind of people who will still respect you when they no longer love you
  • do not waste your emotional capacities on people whose respect for you is conditional
world renowned hair expert and fuckin gay ass nerd

world renowned hair expert and fuckin gay ass nerd

I want to cut my hair short but I kind of have curly hair like you and idk if it will look good. Should I go for it?

short answer, YES. long answer? I’ve had my hair at soooo many different lengths over the past few years, and here’s what advice I can give you: if it’s less than about two inches, it’s not really gonna be curly anymore. two inches is when it starts to kinda fluff up a bit again, and any longer than that you will be able to tell that it’s curly, you won’t really be able to straighten it (if you do that) and you definitely should not brush it out.

if you want a more in-depth look at what curls look like at different hair lengths— and this is gonna sound really vain— look at my old selfies. captainqueeg.tumblr.com/tagged/confidence-selfie. The farther you scroll back the shorter the hair becomes. tbh, if you wanna cut it short, I’d recommend either going all the way (inch at longest) or getting the back and sides very short and the top sliiightly longer, so that there’s still a bit of a curl, but only where it’s very longest.

also: I love talking about hair, I love talking about myself, and I love talking to other people. if you wanna let me know specifically how short you aim to go, let me know! I’ll get a picture of when my hair was that length, and, I dunno, a review. I know a thing or two about taking care of curls, so <3

best of luck nonnie!


I’m not saying that I believe that cis people’s genders are invalid. I’m just saying you might want to think a little critically about the fact that your entire gender/sex self comprehension arose from a quick doctor’s note based on a super arbitrary, poorly designed, scientific theory.

“[There is] a pre-Yom Kippur ritual in which a live chicken is waved in the air while the following incantation is recited: “This is my stand-in, this is my substitute, this is my atonement. Let this hen/rooster go to its death while I go off and continue on a good, long, and peaceful life.”
Christians embrace Jesus, Jews buy poultry.

Why chickens? Because cows are too heavy. Asking “Why the chickens?” is like asking “Why the Jews?” The chicken is snatched, terrorized, and executed — because it is cheap and easy to lift, and because the Hebrew word for cock, gever, is the same as the Hebrew word for man. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a mer for a rubye, and a gever for a gever: half the religion is based on puns, and people wonder why Jews are so funny.”
Source: Michael Wex, Born to Kvetch


like i grasp this isn’t an oppression contest but you aren’t going to be kicked out for being demisexual. no one is going to deny your marriage because you required a bond first. people aren’t going to mock you and your quality of life isn’t going to decrease in the slightest. to place yourself under an umbrella term of people who are legitimately fighting for their rights every single day feels really, really disrespectful to me honestly

like I understand this argument and it’s totally logical and all, but??? complete erasure kinda sucks too. if the umbrella term you’re talking about is about mogai/LGBTQ+ people, is it really demisexuals/asexuals who should get the boot. really.

for one thing a lot of them deal with the exact same stuff gay/lesbian people deal with, if they date people of the same gender. no one’s gonna deny me access to shit for being ace, but they can sure as hell be cruel about it, and there’s no way in hell I’m gonna tell my extended family that I date girls.

and I’m not aromantic, but this applies to them too: aro-ace people might not deal with the same brand of shit, but I guarantee the abuse lesbians face and the abuse trans women face don’t have a great deal of overlap either. 

no god damn oppression olympics, it’s bullshit and it’s harmful.


do you ever see a person you used to be friends with and you’re like “glad i got the fuck outta that one”